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Bee Hauling

Bee Hauling

KW Trucking is a premier bee hauler and it is one of our main areas of expertise. With a decline in bee hives due to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), bees are becoming ever more important. As such, bee hauling is becoming increasingly necessary to transport hives from one location to another for pollination purposes, and getting the bees there safely is often vital to crop production and future earnings.

KW Trucking has all the necessary equipment and training to ensure the job of transporting your bees is carried out in the most efficient and professional manner possible. Give us a call, we would be glad to be able to provide competitive bee hauling services to you or your clients.

    • Bee Nets and Boards
    • Bee Suits
    • Load Gauges on both Truck and Trailer
    • Insurance
    • Tie Downs
    • Training
    • Extensive Industry Experience
Bee Hauling Services by KW Trucking
Bee Hauling Services by KW Trucking

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