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Step Deck Freight Specialists

We specialize in drop deck freight, and can help you safely and securely ship almost anything to almost any location in the United States. Customer service is our top priority because we depend on repeat customers like you for our livelihood and long term success.

Freight transportation is complex and getting the load from point a to point b is about more than just throwing it on to a truck. We understand that your operations need to function as planned, and have the expertise to make sure your freight is the least of your concerns.

"There is more credit and satisfaction in being a first-rate truck driver than a tenth-rate executive."
-B. C. Forbes

Freight Transportation Services by KW Trucking

Bee Hauling

Straw and Hay Transport Lumber, Supplies Transportation
Metals, Coils, Stock
Fabrication Equipment
Construction Equipment
Oilfield Equipment
Mining Equipment
Vehicle Shipment Services
Over-sized Equipment
Multiple Step Deck Trailers

Miscellaneous Equipment Transportation

*If Anything Isn't Listed, Let Us Know, There's a Good Chance We Can Move It.
Step Deck Freight Specialists

Step Deck Freight Specialists

If you need to transport goods, metals, equipment, or even bees, the experts at KW Trucking can help you. Decades of experience in step deck freight and long haul trucking have helped us develop systems that ensure transportation is one less headache for you.

Reliable Trucking Equipment

Equipment That Works Reliably

Whether we're hauling your bees or a mission critical piece of equipment, it will arrive in a safe and timely fashion. KW Trucking maintains equipment the same way collectors look after their treasures; with an eye for detail and care that would do anyone proud.

Great Customer Service in the Trucking Industry

Communications & Customer Service

Despite the near 24/7/365 nature of today's digital world, it seems customer service is becoming worse by the day. We're different. KW Trucking will ensure you are never in the dark about what's happening. Plus, you'll actually be able to reach us when necessary.